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Buying Tickets Online

The Cadence Bank Arena Box Office and Ticketmaster are the OFFICIAL TICKETING PROVIDERS for CADENCE BANK ARENA EVENTS. Tickets purchased from other sources may be 1) more expensive, 2) invalid and 3) ineligible for assistance. The Cadence Bank Arena is not responsible for tickets purchased from other sources.

But …

Any online search for tickets to an event at Cadence Bank Arena should start with a visit to www.cb-arena.com .

Why ?

While Cadence Bank Arena has utilized the Ticketmaster ticketing system and their related products (ie ticket scanners) for many years, there are a limited number of events where tickets may be available through an alternate ticketing source or service. The arena website and/or box office staff (662.841.6528) can provide information and/or a link to the appropriate site.

Avoid Using Internet Search Engines to Hunt for Tickets to Cadence Bank Arena Events !!!

Please be careful when using internet search engines (ie Google) to look for tickets to events at the Cadence Bank Arena. These internet companies often accept paid or “sponsored” ads from third party sites (ie boxofficeticketsales, SeatGeek, StubHub, TicketCity, TicketSmarter, tickets-center.com, Vivid Seats, etc ) that list tickets for arena events posted by ticket brokers (ie “scalpers”). In listing the potential vendors, those that pay to be listed (ie Ad or “Sponsored” ) are often listed higher on the list of options than either the Cadence Bank Arena or appropriate ticket sales (in most cases, Ticketmaster) websites.

There are several down sides to using a third party site.

1. Tickets are often listed at higher prices than that of the appropriate ticketing system.

2. The third party ticketing company may be lacking in the customer service area if there’s an issue with your tickets (ie not received) or may have more restrictive policies than the appropriate ticketing provider when it comes to refunds for cancelled or rescheduled events.

3. The arena does not have access to third party ticketing systems, meaning we are unable to verify your purchase or obtain important information like your seat location.

4.If the event is question is a Ticketmaster event, the seller must forward your event tickets to you via Ticketmaster. Our admission scanners only read Ticketmaster tickets. Screenshots are not valid for admission to a Ticketmaster event.

What’s Next? / Helpful Links

Patrons ordering from Ticketmaster or being forwarded tickets on Ticketmaster are encouraged to download the Ticketmaster app and build an account, if necessary. If you’ve ordered from Ticketmaster before, chances are you already have an account. If it’s been a while since you logged in, you may need to reset your password.

Download the Ticketmaster app:


How to transfer and receive transferred tickets on Ticketmaster.


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